iProductions is a fully-fledged production company that was established in 2013 in Egypt as a content production arm of O-Media Holding media investments and its subsidiary PromOmedia. Before the establishment of iProductions, PromOmedia invested in developing media content with a library of 35 productions.

Run by Ahmed Fahmy as Managing Director, iProductions aims to be a truly integrated content company that develops, produces and distributes high quality content, catering to the Egyptian and the Pan-Arab market. The company also strives to produce entertainment TV shows and all sorts of content.
our latest press releases
First Exclusive Photos of Gunshot in the Editing Room
Cairo, Egypt | Wednesday - 7 February, 2018:
iProductions revealed the exclusive photos of their film Gunshot, after the company's Managing Director, Ahmed Fahmy, announced that filming has wrapped and they've now moved .... READ MORE
IProductions Reveals the Participation of Film Clinic in Producing Gunshot
Cairo, Egypt | Thursday- 21 December, 2017:
While wrapping up shooting their new film Gunshot, iProductions revealed that Producer Mohamed Hefzy's Film Clinic is co-producing the film that features Ahmad Al Fishawy, Ruby.... READ MORE