iProductions is a fully-fledged production company established in 2013 as a content production arm of O-Media Holding media investments, and its subsidiary PromoMedia . Before the establishment of iProductions, PromoMedia invested in developing media content with a library of 35 productions.

In collaboration with producer Mohammad Mashish, Production & Creative Executive Director at iProduction, the company aims to be a truly integrated content company that develops, produces and distributes high quality content, catering to the Egyptian and the Pan-Arab market.

iProductions’ repertoire includes a number of award-winning films and TV series that participated in international festivals such as The Guest (2019), which previously won 8 awards and Gunshot (2018) that reaped two awards and was listed among Egypt’s shortlist for the Academy Award 2020 and participated in 7 international festivals. iProductions’ repertoire also includes Sheikh Jackson (2017) that was also listed among Egypt’s shortlist for the Academy Award 2018 and participated in 7 international festivals, Hepta: Last Lecture (2016) that won more than 20 awards taking part in 11 international festivals and Mawlana (2016) that previously received 6 prestigious awards screening at 9 international festivals.

iProductions also made a number of successful series like Sadeq El Omr (2014), Elsabaa Wasaya (2014), Afrah AlQoba (2016), and L'ebat Al Nesyan (2020), as well as Qasr El Nile and Qeid Maghool (Anyonymous) that have been released recently.