Al-Saba' Wasaya (The Seven Commandments)(2014)
Seven siblings gather at their father’s house, who has been in a coma, after knowing that he has a fortune of millions to leave behind. At that point they decide to get rid of their father in order to inherit his fortune, but his body mysteriously disappears, and they become accused of murder. This urges them to flee all over the country, while running into strange happenings caused by following their father’s commandments.
Director: Khaled Marei
Screenwriter: Mohamed Amin Rady
Cast: Rania Youssef, Haitham Ahmed Zaki, Hana Shiha, Ayten Amer, Nahed ElSebai, Sabry Fawaz, Mohamed Shahin
Festivals and Awards
Dear Guest Magazine (DG Awards) Best of 2014: DG Special Awards (Sawsan Badr, Rania Youssef, Hana Shiha)
Arab Satellite Channels Festival: Creativity Award (writer Mohamed Amin Rady, actresses Hana Shiha and Ayten Amer)