Qasr El Nile
Kasr Al Nile
( Castle of the Nile)
Director: Khaled Marei
Writer: Mohamed Seliman Abd El Malek
Taking place during the 1960s, the social drama features a thrilling crime plot that unfolds in a framework of mystery. Read More
Qeid Maghool
Qeed Maghool
( Anonymous)
Director: Al Sadeer Massoud
Writer: Mohammad Abou Laban and Liwaa Yazji
Anoynous is an 8-episode thriller drama. Read More
Director: Hossam El Gohary
Co-written: Menna Ikram, Omar Khaled and Mohammad Hisham Obya
Wadi Al Jinn is a Fantasy-Adventure series that follows the story of four college students ... Read More
Le'bat Al Nesyan (The Forgetting Game) (2020)
Director: Ahmed Shafik
Writer: Tamer Habib
L'ebat Al Nesyan is a social drama about a woman who leads a happy marriage till an unfortunate incident unfolds..... Read More
Wedding Song (2016)
Director: Mohamed Yassin
Writer: Naguib Mahfouz
Set against the backdrop of the 1970s, the story tracks a theatrical troupe during a script reading session, where the protagonists realize that they're being exposed to their .... Read More
Sadeq El Omr (2014)
Director: Osman Abou Laban
Writers: Mamdouh El Leithy, Mohamed Nayer
The relationship between the late president Gamal Abdel Nasser and his friend General and Minister of Defense Abdel Hakim Amer has always been complicated ..... Read More
Al-Saba' Wasaya (2014)
Director: Khaled Marei
Screenwriter: Mohamed Amin Rady
Seven siblings gather at their father’s house, who has been in a coma, after knowing that he has a fortune of millions to leave behind. At that point they decide to ...... Read More